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5G Network: The controversial future technology of telecommunication

At this age of super-fast internet, still if are you not satisfied with it? Then, something even better is coming on your way. Since the inception of the concept of telecommunication, we have witnessed a growth trajectory of sophisticated mobile technologies. From mobile radiotelephone to 4G, the demand for more featured super-fast internet has been […]

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Hyperloop Transportation: The Future Technology of the Globe

To fasten the way for crossing the surface, a revolutionary concept of the Hyperloop transport system has been generated. Here the passengers sit on a hyperloop capsule that travels through pressurized tubes on a high speed using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation.   How the idea came? In 2012, the great entrepreneur Elon Musk shared […]

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Beyond Meat Burger: Are plant-based fake meats really safe?

When the thirsts of eating delicious meaty burgers increasing beyond its capacity, an alternative to traditional meat has to come. Beyond Meat Burger is that alternative. Beyond Meat Burger was created with a novel intent to replace exciting traditional meat with laboratory-based experimental meats. Since it’s inception in 2009, it has grown from the territory […]

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