The cure for insomnia: Dodow, technological solution to sleeping problem

When you go to bed, expecting to get a night of deep sleep, but you couldn’t do it. Because a bunch of thoughts muddled in your head, doesn’t allow you to have a deep sleep or even normal sleep and you end up getting Insomnia. During this time, you try your level best to stay calm, but your thoughts block that struggle. To get the cure for insomnia, you try a lot of things like sleeping pills, therapy, meditation or yoga. But we have come up with a smart solution to this problem, Dodow – sleep aid device. It is a technological cure for your insufficient sleep problem.


Why We Cannot Sleep Quickly?

We cannot fall asleep so fast because of the following four steps of sleeping order. These steps ultimately take us to the state of insomnia and we get panicked in such condition. So, it is very important for us to know the mechanism first and find the solution later.


Switching On The Device

Switching on this device is very simple. A simple sliding touch on the touch-pad can switch on the device. In addition, there is a user guide provided on the box, unless you find any difficulty setting up the device.



Switch on/off



How Dodow Contribute To Fast Sleep?

The sleep aid device comes up with a solution to the cure for insufficient sleep. In other words, by controlling breathing frequency, it actually acts as the cure for insomnia through technological means.


Why Would We Buy It?

Dodow is designed for insomniacs. It helps in inducing sleep by 2.5 times faster. In addition, it counters churning thoughts, stress, anxiety, short sleep as well as insomnia. Besides, it does not cause any side-effects like sleeping pills. Most importantly, it is suitable for a person aging greater than 8 years.


Buy Now & Cure Insomnia

Finally, if you feel interested in buying this device, then, please be informed that it is only available for the online purchase right now. Thus, it is available either on the Livlab official website or on other online platforms.





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