Beyond Meat Burger: Are plant-based fake meats really safe?

When the thirsts of eating delicious meaty burgers increasing beyond its capacity, an alternative to traditional meat has to come. Beyond Meat Burger is that alternative. Beyond Meat Burger was created with a novel intent to replace exciting traditional meat with laboratory-based experimental meats.

Since it’s inception in 2009, it has grown from the territory of the USA to other parts of the world. Its growth trajectory was routine but its recent growth has raised many eyebrows. So, let us have a detailed discussion on Beyond Meat Burger.


Ingredients of Beyond Meat Burger

According to the website, they produce proteins, fats, carbs, minerals & flavors from various beans, various oils, starch, various salts, and juice extracts respectively.


On paper, each of these ingredients contains more nutrition values than traditional meats.

Benefits of Beyond Meat Burger

Let us discuss how Beyond Meat Burger benefits.

1. Improve Human health

Of course, if you stop taking burgers made of beef or pork or even chicken, you will feel much better. As these meats come from various farms, we all know what these farms used to feed the cattle or what the medicines they use or even how they use injections for growth enhancement.

2. Positively impact on climate change

Beyond meat burgers positively impact the climate by reducing 90% Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHGE). Because this technique of Laboratory preparation takes very less area for large scale production. Its entire concept is based on Laboratory synthesis of chemicals and this synthetic technology can be multiplied using sophisticated machines. So, less area consumption is required to get large scale sustainable production. On the other side, traditional meat requires both spacious farmings as well as sophisticated machinery for processing these meats. A huge amount of waste generates from these farms is the principal contributor to global CO2 emission.

3. Address global resource constraints

With 99 % less water, 46% less energy, and 93% less land consumption, plant-based meat technology reduces the burden on both land and resources. Technically speaking, any kind of farm cannot be made on a small scale because of the growing demand and huge investment. In various undeveloped countries, these farm owners grab a huge chunk of unauthorized lands. To mitigate such issues, plant-based meat is a great option.

4.  Improve Animal Welfare

For meat farming, you have to grow a cow, pork or any other cattle. You have to feed them, take care of them and finally kill them for producing their meat and using various parts of their body for various purposes. Animal loves actually don’t like this cycle. But they had no option to counter that earlier. Now they can encourage this plant-based meat production to reduce cruelty on animals.


Processing of Beyond Meat Burger

The processing is simple yet sophisticated. The meat source is basically plant-based. Heating, cooling, and pressure applied to create a fibrous texture of meat. Then all the ingredients and replicate the traditional meat.


Commercial Products

Beyond Burger, beyond beef, beyond sausage, and beyond beef crumbles are commercially available. On the other hand, various other delicacies are can be derived from these items.


The Concerns

They have marketed their products as the future of protein. But actually it is more of a lab-based chemical, just like the other synthetic or hybrid products. As we all know how hybrid, genetically modified or chemically synthesized products have become a headache these days. People are now heading towards organic production. Besides, no international certification of any recognized body is shown or marketed. Though it only produced a report from a US-based University regarding quality. But their focus was entirely on reviews for how the product tastes. So, I suggest this product must firstly get any certification from the FDA or any other recognized body. In addition to that, it must carry out tests like new drug molecules, to its potential customers. These tests must be based on how these products do to the human body. Afterward, publicize the reports.


In conclusion, when searching for alternatives meat, people should focus more on having a vegetable diet or there can be a combination of vegetable diet and this plant-based meat as a complementary diet. This complementary diet can be potentially beneficial for the environment, animal and also for human health.


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