5G Network: The controversial future technology of telecommunication

At this age of super-fast internet, still if are you not satisfied with it? Then, something even better is coming on your way. Since the inception of the concept of telecommunication, we have witnessed a growth trajectory of sophisticated mobile technologies. From mobile radiotelephone to 4G, the demand for more featured super-fast internet has been always high. The inception of 5G technology is the result of this growing demand.


What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless internet network service. It is so far the most advanced technology. This 5G technology, promises to give the highest speed, typically speeding up to 1-2 Gigabit/s.

5G vs 4G

4G is the fourth generation of internet network service. Though it was conceptualized for higher speed with little changes in the existing infrastructure. However, 5G technology, on the other side, poised to have radical infrastructural changes. It is based on five interrelated technologies.

5G vs 4G

How 5G works

5G technology is by far the most sophisticated technology. Many companies are working hard to develop this technology. Their method may vary but principally, five interrelated technology is the main basis of this technology.

Millimeter waves

The wavelength of 30 and 300 gigahertz which has never been utilized for mobile phones. In 5G these wavelengths are used as the millimeter wavelengths. But switching to unexplored wavelengths in 5G cannot give us the supreme speed internet alone, as these wavelengths have a problem of getting trapped by the buildings, trees, rains or any other obstacles.

Small Cell Antenna

We have grown seeing large mobile towers throughout the journey of mobile technology. However, in 5G a large number of small cell networks have to be created to make the millimeter-wavelengths unobstructed. This will also enable the existing tower to get more signals. Small Cell Antennas are particularly useful for smart cities.

5G Small Cell Antenna


MIMO stands for multiple-input multiple-output. The 4G base stations have very limited (a dozen) ports for antennas that can handle all cellular traffic, which in 5G will be replaced with massive MIMO in base stations. This will enable a hundred ports in a base station. But massive MIMO technology will create a signaling disturbance as a huge number of signals broadcasting information in every direction will cause interference among them.

5G mimo


We all know the role of traffic signals. Beamforming is the 5G version of traffic signaling. The problem of signals broadcasting information in every direction can be solved by inducting the beamforming signal trafficking system.

5G Beamforming


Traditionally, the duplex is a system of having one flat on two consecutive floors. In 5G, the signals which come in the reciprocating direction create signaling disturbances. To overcome such problems, a full-duplex technology to accommodate reciprocating signals has been implemented.

5G Duplex

Controversies related 5G

Various controversies are doing rounds for 5G. Many USA states, as well as other countries, have already rejected the implementation of 5G due to its health concerns. Though no report of health hazards caused by 5G is recorded. Still, there is a serious concern related to large scale construction of small cell network antennas.

5G projects

As of now, 33 countries around the globe are currently working on various phases of  5G network establishment. However, USA, Australia and China are the countries who have already implemented 5G in various cities.

What’s next

European Space agency along with 10 other agencies started on working for satellite-based 5G Network.

5G phones

5G, undoubtedly the most state-of-art technology. Undoubtedly, it  has never seen before features. But there is concerns regarding the construction of massive scale small cell antennas and the utilization of  unexplored wavelength territory. On on side, many cases has been registered on the health hazards. Whereas, on the other side, scientists are exploring various other options to get rid of health issues. We, as user,  will always want to get highest speed in a lowest price with excluding any health hazards.

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